The Dogpound Stampede Historic and Legendary

The Dogpound Stampede Historic and Legendary

The Dogpound Stampede 2016 – A Historic & legendary Rodeo!

The charm of the Old West was alive and well at this year’s annual Dogpound Stampede.

Dogpound Stampede-Cowboy

Dogpound Stampede-moving a bull

This 111 year old event was started back in 1905, when summer picnics were a community affair and a small “stampede” was an important part of a get-together.

Dogpound Stampede-Olyn Jensen - young cowboy

Dog Pound Stampede proudly boasts the fact that it is Alberta’s oldest ranch rodeo; even older than the world famous Calgary Stampede. It is held annually on the third Wednesday in July at the Dog Pound Rodeo grounds.

Dogpound Stampede-trick riders

Dogpound Stampede-4 year old trick rider

At this legendary event there is no such thing as a bad seat! At this stampede you are sure to be immersed in the full experience! You can expect everything from dusting the dirt off your jeans after a horse gallops by, to occasionally needing to wipe the airborne bull snot off your arm.

Dogpound Stampede-calf roping 1

Dogpound Stampede-bull snot

As I watched the day’s events unfold, I was captivated by the lifestyle these cowboys and their families are trying to hold onto. It was like seeing the lyrics of a country song come to life in front of me. Phrases like “it’s a pride passed down …” and “we work hard and live right” kept bouncing around in my head as I listened to the good-natured jokes between Wes Cummings, the rodeo announcer and funny man Dennis Halstead.

Dogpound Stampede-Dennis Halstead

Dogpound Stampede-Wes Cummmings

Dogpound Stampede-Deny Halstead

There is a standard that rodeo promotes; an unwritten code of ethics that is so fundamental to Alberta’s ranching and farming communities. This code of ethics is based on respect, responsibility and determination.

Dogpound Stampede-saddle bronc 1

There are elements of spirited-individualism, a respect for nature, animals and wide open spaces, a willingness to help your neighbours and sense of brotherhood behind the chutes, in which cowboys help each another do their very best in the arena.

Dogpound Stampede-calf roping 4

Dogpound Stampede-calf roping 3

A few times spectators were riveted to their seats as they watched the next hazardous spill unfold. Not even a monster piece of homemade pie from the ladies in the community could pull the crowd away, as we watched three contestants being packed off the in-field by stretcher.

Dogpound Stampede-ambulance looking after hurt cowboy

Dogpound Stampede-Cowboy packed off by stretcher

Many people ask why they do it? Why put yourself on the back of an 1800 lbs animal just to test your skills and luck for the day?

Dogpound Stampede-airborne cowboy

Dogpound Stampede-rank horse 1

Rodeo is not for the faint of heart! It’s been call the toughest sport on the planet, requiring strength, nerve and endurance. Rodeo is one of the only professional sports based on the historic lifestyle of ranching and the daily work of our early pioneers.

Dogpound Stampede-wild pony race 1

In this certain way of life, there is a strong belief in passing down traditions; everything from family recipes to learning how to get back up after getting knocked down.

Dogpound Stampede-boys steer riding

Dogpound Stampede-Young cowboy gets back up

It was an incredible experience to be part of crowd cheering on the cowboys & cowgirls, as they displayed outstanding horsemanship, limitless skill and unwavering bravery as they raced, roped, tied and wrestled their way into the history books.

Dogpound Stampede-cowboy help other team up after wild pony race

Congratulations to all the FCA Competitors for putting on such an amazing show! We can’t wait to see you again next year.

Dogpound Stampede-successful ride

Have camera will travel

Have camera will travel

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

STV_0092-Edit STV_9634-Edit

It hard to imagine anyone wanting to travel as much as us.  Oh I know you are out there but you would be hard to find.  While in Brunei this spring on a trip to see Curt and Cathy we met this amazing lady.   Elvie,  is the embodiment of friendliness & hospitality!  She works so hard and is such a sweetheart that we couldn’t resist doing a shoot for her and her daughter.


After the first few minutes of getting used to the idea of  having a camera in their faces, they  warmed up to the idea of being rockstars for an hr or so.  They were hamming it up and laughing uncontrollably at some points.

STV_9813 STV_9966-Edit

Then they would compose themselves for another round of “Serious Photos” then laugh and giggle infectiously.  We had so much fun!


One of the reasons we travel is in hope to meet people just like Elvie and her beautiful circle of friends.  The kind that remind us that no matter where we go, the world is filled with amazing people that wish only the best for you on your journey.

Isn’t that what life is about anyways? Always look for the beauty in the little things.  Laugh and dance like nobody’s watching, and just be yourself.  Because “You” are Beautiful!

Photography can be fun!

Photography can be fun!



You bet it can! We have started anew website to help photographers learn more about their craft. We called it  So we will be having short lessons about how you can improve your photography and have fun doing it. Want to do a 52 week challenge? We have one I made that we are going through right now, so come join us and have fun….. So always remember the words my good friend Robbie always says, “Its fun to have fun!!” Wise man that guy is!

Farzana’s Winter Shoot

Farzana’s Winter Shoot

We had the privilege of getting to shoot the beautiful Farzana!  She is a real pleasure to work with. Here is a small sample of what we came up with,

STV_2615-Edit STV_3257-Edit STV_2621 STV_2693-Edit STV_2860-Edit STV_2821-Edit STV_3168-Edit STV_3170-Edit STV_3115-Edit STV_2936-Edit STV_2633-Edit STV_2752 STV_2757-Edit