Cake Smash Photography| Child and Family Photography

Cake Smash Photography| Child and Family Photography

It’s my party and I’ll smash it if I want to!

Cake Smash pirate theme. Child photography

The first birthday is a huge milestone in a child’s life.  It means you’ve made it through the days of running on no sleep and worrying if you are doing it right! You have moved on to watching your baby experience the world with tiny hands and curious eyes, and you are positive that it was not long ago you packed home your beautiful new born.  Where has the year gone?

James is One years old today! Child Portrait before his Cake Smash Party 

I remember when my girls turned one!  All the aunties, uncles, and grandparents gathered around the beautiful decorated cake, singing Happy Birthday and encouraging her to blow.   If we were lucky, inquisitive little fingers didn’t have to learn the hard way that fire burns.   With some much needed help from her older sibling or cousins, she would finally blow out her candle! Mostly, by blowing so hard, baby drool dappled the top of the cake!  That’s OK honey; we will just scrap the icing off that piece before we give it to Grandma!

Calvin at his younger brother's cake smash birthday with a big lollipop. Children and Family Photography.
Thank goodness times have changed and someone thought it would be wise to give baby their own cake!
Decorative cake for your child's first birthday. Child photography. Cake Smash Photography
James Richard Harrison turned one on July 28th/2015.  His mom Letisha Harrison is the proud owner of Sweet Addictions, a creative cake blogger & designer.  She knew that such a precious occasion like his first birthday needed to be documented.  So Letisha called us to help her create the perfect Cake Smash event.
Jame enjoying his Cake Smash birthday party. Child Photography
 While Sweet Addictions supplied the cake, the family decided to keep the decorations simple and asked  if we could shoot on a seamless white back drop for easy clean-up.  Letisha remembered to bring something sweet for her older boys to enjoy while James took center stage and smashed his very first birthday cake!
Brother's sharing a lollipop. Family and Child Photography
 If you are dreaming of an amazing Cake Smash Party for your tiny tyke, and need a great photographer to capture those special moments, contact us today.  Don’t forget to ask how Sweet Addictions can create the perfect cake design for your special event!
Brother's celebrating the 1st Birthday Cake Smash. Family and Child Photography
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