Have camera will travel

Have camera will travel

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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It hard to imagine anyone wanting to travel as much as us.  Oh I know you are out there but you would be hard to find.  While in Brunei this spring on a trip to see Curt and Cathy we met this amazing lady.   Elvie,  is the embodiment of friendliness & hospitality!  She works so hard and is such a sweetheart that we couldn’t resist doing a shoot for her and her daughter.


After the first few minutes of getting used to the idea of  having a camera in their faces, they  warmed up to the idea of being rockstars for an hr or so.  They were hamming it up and laughing uncontrollably at some points.

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Then they would compose themselves for another round of “Serious Photos” then laugh and giggle infectiously.  We had so much fun!


One of the reasons we travel is in hope to meet people just like Elvie and her beautiful circle of friends.  The kind that remind us that no matter where we go, the world is filled with amazing people that wish only the best for you on your journey.

Isn’t that what life is about anyways? Always look for the beauty in the little things.  Laugh and dance like nobody’s watching, and just be yourself.  Because “You” are Beautiful!

You-er than you.

You-er than you.


“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you”- Dr. Seuss

“Three … Two … One… JUMP!” As each member of the happy little group hurled themselves off the stationary ATV, all five faces did their best impression of a stuntman falling off a two story building. complete with a dramatic daredevil roll to safety. Their squeals of delight and whoops of laughter filled the air all around me. “Did you capture us in the air Shane? Can we do it again?”

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It was quite a transition these kids had gone through. All of them had been nervous and a little unsure when we first arrived to take photos of them and their families at the lake.           One hour before they stood obedient and tight-lipped at their parents sides, armed with school-photo ready smiles as we began our session. Now here they were, hero jumping off the quad and play fighting in front of the camera.

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We have observed that it takes about 20 minutes for you to find your comfort zone again, once we put a camera in your face. This general rule of thumb doesn’t just apply to families or individuals getting head shots. It also includes professional models! Granted some people are quicker than others at finding their groove.

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The first part of any great photo session is what we have dubbed the “getting to know you” part. It’s a bit of a warm-up! I chat with you while Shane fiddles with the settings on his camera.           Then we start to ask you to move into different positions. The intention is to give you, the subject, time to shake off the nerves you suddenly get while starring down the barrel of our lens! In addition, these precious minutes remind the photographer that he really does remember what all the buttons on his camera are for!

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The growth of a photo shoot is kind of the like the growth of a child. Sometimes they grow in spurts, but more often than not, it is a steady yet progressive blossoming of trust between you and your camera guy.

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We could easily snap a fantastic photo of you in under 20 minutes, but we prefer to spend the extra time getting to know you and letting you rediscovery your inner you. Finding that truly unique & natural way you are once you are comfortable with the person on the other end of the lens.


Let us take you from “shy guy” to “master of the photo bomb!” Call or e-mail us today to book a fabulous fall photo session.