“Rock my world, little country girl”

“Rock my world, little country girl”


I remember the first time I saw her perform.  She stood under the pale orange glow of an overhead spotlight, singing–“Mama’s Broken Heart.”  From her position on stage she radiated confidence, enthusiasm and energy.  A swirl of hushed whispers ebbed and flowed around me, as people sitting next to me conferred with each other; “She sounds as good as Miranda Lambert”, “That girl can sing!”, ” What talent!”, I wholeheartedly agreed.


Gizelle De Guzman, proudly calls herself a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. Gizelle is a 16 years old, grade 12 student from rural Alberta; and her favorite music to sing is Country, when she is not focused on writing her own lyrics.


This lovely girl came to us with the hopes of adding some fresh new images to her music portfolio. We were delighted when Gizelle brought along her Guitar, Flute, a Ukulele, a tambourine, drum sticks, and a beautiful wooden Cojon (Cojon in Spanish, translates simply to the word “Box”).  She shyly told me she had a hard time deciding which instruments she should bring for her shoot, but was curious if we could highlight a few of them in her pictures.



I asked Gizelle about her music, and she graciously described how she got started.  “I began writing poems at about 4 years old.” she explained, “At about 6, I started adding beats to my poems, and things just kind of evolved from there.”  She proudly described her relationship with her family, saying she is the youngest of 6 children “all of them are more musical than myself”, she modestly reveals.  Although we are not sure we believe that, with all the amazing things she had done with her music.


Gizelle’s musical accomplishments include being invited to play at the 2014 “Boots and Hearts” concert celebrating Calgary’s spirit, after the 2013 Flood.  She has also preformed solo at the “Grand Stand Show” at the Calgary Stampede.  She also plays regularly at a few clubs within Calgary. (Cafe Coi and Barrio Fiesta Restaurant, just to name a few), and this year the Cochrane Rotary Youth Talent committee has selected her as one of their 2015 scholarship recipients.



With so many good things happening in her world, it appears that her future is so bright … she may have to wear shades!  You can check her out on You Tube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ityj_cDElc.


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