Senior Photography in rural Alberta

Senior Photography in rural Alberta

Cremona Families’ celebrate the Class of  2016 Graduates!

Cremona alberta grad 2016- becky viklund shot by elegantimages

The village of Cremona came dressed in their Sunday best last night, to celebrate the graduating class of 2016. Every student dreams of this day! When the scholar’s school life finally draws to a close. Only those who have toiled and persevered are given the right to wear the prestigious cap & gown.  It is the formal indicator and distinction between a normal student and a graduating student.

Cremona alberta grad 2016--2Becky Viklund grad

Our daughter Becky was one of those amongst the graduates this year. As her dad and I walked her down the aisle, hugged her and watched her take her respective seat amongst her peers, a feeling of pride overwhelmed us.  There she was, the little girl that was so nerves to get on the school bus that first time.  Our hearts leapt for joy as we watched her proudly walk across the stage to accept her diploma.  She had done it!

Cremona alberta grad 2016--Becky Viklund

As I scanned the room full of proud and happy faces, the quote…  “Nobody else’s footsteps lead to exactly where you are going!” leap into my mind.  This saying is so true.  Although a graduation ceremony is symbolic of a student successfully completing one chapter of their life; the true meaning of this ritual is actually centered on new beginnings.  A doorway to the future has opened; full of new choices, new challenges and new chapters waiting to be written.

Cremona alberta grad 2016- becky and senior class

Congratulations to all the Cremona 2016 Graduates and their families for making to this next section of their lives! We are incredibly delighted and honored to stand with you all.