In an enchanted forest just West of Didsbury, AB hides a secret location.  If you stand very still you can hear the tinkling of tiny bells on little feet, smell the unmistakable scent of mint leaves and maybe … just maybe see a beautiful fairy flitting through the sun drenched fields.

Wood fairy holding a mirror reflecting the grass

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? The knight in shining armor that rescues a damsel in distress. Or a beautiful maiden that pushes past the gruff exterior of a devilishly handsome brute, only to discover he has a tender side.  Open the door to your imagination and step into the intriguing world of Cosplay.

Fairy blowing dandelions into the wind

Here at the Elegant Images studios, we had a chance to jump head first into this fantastic world of fantasy with the stunning Rose Chantal.  Rose is no stranger to Cosplay or the arts.  In our photo session with her, Rose helped us gently push the boundaries of this area of make believe.

Nightingale fairy hugging spring flowersFrom the images you can see, we were able to create a magical feel of innocence in conjunction with a portrait of evil that often exists in the realm of childhood fairy tales.

Fairytale photoshoot princess with her white horse kissing her neck

Through excellent costuming, subtle props and a bit of imagination Shane & Rose were able to construct a set of breathtaking images, that feel like you have stepped into a secret enchanted world.

Fairytale queen holding a hand mirror looking over her shoulder

Angry fairytale queen

Looking to create your own glamorous fairytale photo shoot?  Call us, we have the perfect location. 403-617-7280

Spring Fairy hugging spring flowers

Lake Louise viewing googles

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