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Google Trusted Photographer. 360 Your Business!



We are thrilled to announce that we have earned our Certification from Google!

That’s right; we have been given the stamp of approval from the internet gods, and are ready to take on the challenge!  That means Shane & I have been given the thumbs up to collaborate with Google in creating Street View images.

An example of what we can do for your business

Most of us know that Google has spent quite a bit of time mapping out major roadways with their Google car. In addition to that, most of us are quite familiar with the idea of Google Maps and it’s “near to me” search. That is where from the comfort of your lazy boy recliner you can map out and see precisely where you want to go. Google’s Street View technology gives you the ability to stand in a location, see the layout of an area and see all its notable landmarks, before you even get to that location.   But now, Google is taking that same virtual guided tour idea to the inside of buildings and business.  You can have your business photographed in a 360 degree virtual tour and be embedded on to Google maps.  It’s not as expensive as you would think~ See our prices!

Imagine the possibilities!

Right now within your town or city, there are people shopping for a product you are selling. They just don’t know you exist, and they do not know what you are selling.  So what do these potential customers do? They go online and do a Google search for said product.

Image for a moment you are looking for a beautiful restaurant setting so you can “pop” the question to your girlfriend. Or perhaps you are a future bride that is looking for a venue to hold her upcoming wedding in, with a nearby reception hall for 150 guests. Both these searchers have busy lives and are most likely short on time.  By simply having a 360 Degree Virtual Tour created for your business, you give them the gift of time. You have visually opened your front door to them. Allowing them to view your location remotely and see inside your business.  You have helped them narrow down the options of places that meet their needs.

Your newly embedded 360 Virtual Tour on Google maps becomes your businesses 24/7 sales rep, welcoming people into your business. Making it the best marketing strategy you could ever put into place.  By creating a 360 Degree Virtual Tour you are showing your customers that your business is more inviting and more approachable then the next guy down the street. Showing potential customers that you care about their time, their business and you are easy to work with.

360 Your Business

I can guarantee you, that if your competition has this feature on their Google Business page and you don’t… the competition will be raking in more of the market share, just by making their business more user friendly.

“Cue the Photographer.” In order to make that experience happen you need to have the right kind of photographer.  Google demands only the best! No amateur shots hastily stung together.  To take full advantage of Googles 360 degree technology, only a professionally trained photographer will be hired. Google calls their hand-picked photographers “Google Trusted Photographers.” A Certification Shane and I now proudly display.

If you would like to learn more about 360 Degree Virtual Tours for your business, please call (403) 617-7280 or hop on over to our pricing page for more information.

Why not let Google market your business. Contact us today at 403-617-7280

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