“Hanging Ten”- a newborn shoot


With newly formed toes curled around the edge of the board, this handsome little surfer, shows us he already knows how to “hang ten!”  Kai Alexander Henderson‘s, new skills will come in pretty handy in his future, as he tries to keep up with both his parents, Danielle and Tyler.
When we began this shoot we were unsure of how it would turn out. Would it be the same smattering of newborn shots, or something more authentic? After chatting with his parents, we realized, that what they really wanted was to share their love of the outdoors with their brand new bundle of joy.
While Kai’s dad, Tyler, comes from British Columbia and all  it’s beautiful pristine mountains, perfect for frozen fun; his mom Dianna, heralds all the way from the lush, tropical islands of Hawaii.  To outsiders it may appear that this couple is a clash of climates:  but in truth both Danielle & Tyler are the perfect blend of skier, snowboarder, mountain biker and surfer, ready to take on anything mother nature throws at them.
From that point on we quickly moved to bring in as many of the athletic elements both parents are passionate about. Then we learned, that this young lad’s proud linage doesn’t stop there.  It seems that  he comes from a long line of strapping outdoors men. Tyler has been fortunate enough to inherit two pairs of his grandfather ski’s.  Below, you will see Kai gingerly placing his tiny foot on the cold, antique binding to give us an idea of just how big of shoes he will need in order to fill his great granddad’s boots.
While, it’s most likely Canada will be the first place Kai gets lessons on how to carve a mountain.  Rumor has it that there are plans to move this little family to Maui within five years; just in time for Kai to begin grade school and learn how to catch the perfect curl.
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Lake Louise viewing googles

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