Here we sit, just a hand full of days away from Christmas and the New Year.  Where did the time go? Where did 2015 go?  Every year I marvel in amazement how quickly the years seem to zip by.

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I really do enjoy this time of year.  It’s full of celebration and merrymaking with the people we know and love.  We are surrounded by people and things that bring back our most cherished memories, as well as the joy and wonderment of first time experiences.

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A few days ago, Elegant Images had the honor of joining the residents of Sunrise Encore in celebrating the beauty of the holidays at their amazing Christmas party.  Sunrise Encore is an independent & assisted living facility located in Olds, AB;  and you would never guess that this building is in its inaugural year of running after witnessing what the bustling staff pulled together for the evening’s event.   There was live entertainment in every dining hall complete with a pianist, two organ players, a harpist and a five string folk band.   Mr. and Mrs. Clause dropped in for a surprise visit with the residents and to have a few photos taken.  Then there was the fragrant, mouthwatering banquet that the kitchen staff meticulously prepared for each of the four dining halls. Each feast came complete with a variety of delectable holiday treats.

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As I moseyed around the party enjoying the ambience, snapping a few pictures,  I stopped to speak with one “young at heart gentleman” who lives at Sunrise Encore.   He so eloquently put into words exactly what I was feeling when he said “Life is truly what you make of it! You can be angry about not getting the fancy new gadget or that your stock price fell yet again…Or you can be grateful for getting to enjoy another good meal or seeing someone’s beautiful smile one more time.”

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From all of us here at Elegant Images, we would like to wish you a warm and beautiful Christmas holiday. We really do hope you find the time to slow down and enjoy and capture as many moments as you can this holiday season.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Shane & Natalie

To view the rest of the gallery just click on this link   Sunrise Encore Santa shoot gallery

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