A Glamorous Mother & Daughter Portrait Session

With Wendy & Amanda from Didsbury, AB

There is something so beautiful about photographing a Mother with her Daughter; the glow of motherly pride, the shared tender smiles and the genuine bursts of laughter.

A couple of weeks back, Amanda contacted us.  Her goal was to create an irreplaceable birthday present for her mom, Wendy. Amanda wanted to give her mom the unique gift of seeing herself through the eyes of her husband, her children and her grandchildren.  To show her the beauty they see EVERYDAY…  inside and out.

With that in mind, we set out to create a full-blown luxury experience for Amanda & Wendy.  We called in our team of hair & make-up artists, ordered the champagne & chocolate dipped strawberries and made sure our led photographer was primed and ready to go

Their day began with being pampered!  Nibbling on a few goodies, sipping wine and having their hair and make-up done like a movie star.

We spent the hour getting to know them better. We learned that Wendy is an avid motorcyclist and Amanda is a local artist that uses high voltage electricity to create art on wood. (check out her Facebook page @letyourarcflow)

Mother daughter photo shoot in pinkThen we asked the girls our favorite question, “when was the last time you were professionally photographed?”  We were shocked to learn that Wendy had never been professionally photographed!  Not only that, but she timidly admitted to us, that she only appeared in a handful of images throughout the years.  This warm, caring, nurturing mother was essentially missing from the pictures that her children and grandchildren would lovingly remember her with.  We were determined to change that for her!

A couple of times throughout the shoot, Shane and I caught ourselves commenting to each other about how relaxed the day felt.  As he clicked away, we could see their initial shyness melting away. There was no fuss or frenzy, just a happy playfulness attitude that surfaced.  They coordinated outfits and colors, recommended a lipstick change or foundation touch up, and when they were asked lean into the camera; the ladies would strategically cocked an eyebrow and burst into melodious laughter.

Toward the end of their session, the two strong men in their lives arrived to join in the fun.  We were thrilled to see Wendy’s husband Doug carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the birthday girl and a few selected pieces from their favorite pastime, tucked under his arm.

Seriously, what photographer could resist taking a couple of shots of this adventurous couple in their Motorcycle Leathers?

Even Tom, Amanda’s fiancee was sweep into playful spirit of the day. He was even willing to venture outside in minus 25 degree weather to have a few photos taken with the horses and meet our pet turkey. It was compelling to watch the uncomplicated love and pride these gentlemen had for these ladies.

Shane and I are honoured to spend a few hours photographing this wonderful group of people.  I believe the best thing we can give each other is the gift of time. Time spent making memories, and having those moments captured for all time.

If you would like us to create a luxury experience, complete with heirloom portraits with your mom, contact us today.  It’s not just the portraits you walk away with, but the memory of the time you’ve spent together.

A big thank you to our team! Margaret Rohanchuk – Makeup artist & Caitlan Hunter – Hair stylist. Thanks ladies fantastic job!


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