A few of the most asked questions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Click here to see our 2017 Glamour PDF.


Our sitting fee starts at 190. For more info check out Elegant Images Investment page.

Pre Consult

We will buy you a coffee as we plan out your shoot to the last detail. If you are too busy for a coffee we will do a phone consult to address all your questions.

Location of your choice

You can chose if you want a studio shoot, or maybe the badlands, a river, a waterfall the choice is unlimited for your dream photoshoot.

Portrait reveal and Ordering session

In a couple weeks you will have a reveal of all your amazing photos.

Design your Dream Photoshoot

Let us customize your luxury Photoshoot

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The Dogpound Stampede Historic and Legendary

The Dogpound Stampede 2016 – A Historic & legendary Rodeo! The charm of the Old West was alive and well at this year’s annual Dogpound Stampede. This 111 year old event was started back in 1905, when summer picnics were a community affair and a small “stampede” was an...

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Mount Ware

Before we started this blog we had actually gone on a couple different hiking trips, however we already wrote about them on our sister site Roving Hiker.  We still think the information interesting, as well as all the  beautiful photos we took while on the trail...

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We want to show you how beautiful you are. We know what beautiful looks like. We can see your beauty. We know how to capture it with our cameras. We also know what it’s like to be someone who struggles to see their own beauty. That’s why we’ve made it our mission in life to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever had. Let us capture that beauty you possess.

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