A couple of really exciting things happened to us this past weekend.   The first being that we were fortunate enough to attend & photograph a good friend’s wedding.  We love photographing weddings. For us as photographer’s it is like watching a unique and wonderful movie play out on the back of our camera’s viewfinder.

Kiss the Groom

Yes is it always great to see the people involved transform from their regular Cinderella clothes into some of the most stylized GQ models on the planet.

Scot & Ryan looking dapper

GQ Groomsman

However for me, it is about trying to capture those special moments between the happy couple, their friends and loved ones.  There are moments that happen on a wedding day that make my heart sing.  Like seeing a Grandmother place a gentle hand on the small of the bride’s back, lean in close to whisper, “You are beautiful Sweetheart.”

Family Wedding Photo Grandma and Bride

Or watching the groomsmen help the groom shake off some of his nerves by goofing around with him in the “Evolution of a Groom.”

Evolution of a Groom

Being able to witness the look on a mother’s face as she watches her radiant daughter prepare for one of the most important day of her life. Her gaze seems to suggest that she has wound the clock back in her mind, to a time when her tiny daughter would spend hours playing dress up & make believe; and here she stands today, a grown-up version of that smiling princess.

Donna mother of the Bride

But my all-time favorite moment from this wedding was watching the groom gather his beautiful bride into his arms; brush the tears from her cheeks and hold her after she had finished watching a lovely homemade video he had created, just for her.

Nancy & Scot Comforting his crying Bride

All these things remind me that life is not about how many breaths we take, but rather how many moments take our breath away.   I count myself as one of the lucky ones, that is privileged enough to witness many amazing moments like this unfold.  How fortunate am I to do this type of work, where I take pictures so that people may have a round-trip ticket back to a moment that would otherwise be lost.

The other exciting thing that happen to us is ….


Lake Louise viewing googles

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