What does Wikipedia say about Glamour photography?

Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude. The term may be a euphemism for erotic photography.

Umm…. I am not sure, but that is not what we mean when we say we are a Glamour photographer.  We want to photograph women of all ages and sizes and we strive to make them feel beautiful.  Alot of the time you are behind the camera capturing the moments that matter, but now is you time.  It is your time to feel like the most important person in the room.  This time is all about you. We believe you should be in pictures for your kids and grandkids to cherish for all time.

Most of us are very critical of the way we look. I don’t think many of us wake up in the morning and say “Damn I look Good! I had better go do another photoshoot.”  Our friends and family love us no matter what, they do not see the tiny flaws that we sometimes obsess about.  No… they see only the sparkle in your eye and your beautiful personality. And that sparkle is what we love to capture!

We believe that everyone should have a chance to be photographed in the most glamorous way possible. Your children and grandkids will cherish the photos forever. Now is the time to book that photo that will last a lifetime.  Call  Natalie at

403 617-7280 today.

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