Who We Are?

Our names are Shane and Natalie Viklund and we are glamour photographers. We know what beautiful looks like. We can see yours and we want to capture it on camera. We want to photograph any woman who has ever looked in the mirror and not felt beautiful enough or good enough cause we know you are. We’ve made it our mission in life to take the most beautiful photographs that you’ve ever seen of yourself.

Every woman deserves to have a beautiful portrait of herself. We photograph everyday women- they are grandmothers, moms, sisters, daughters, housewives and business women –  who decided to get in front of our cameras and get some beautiful portraits. Most of them haven’t had their photos taken since their wedding. We often hear the excuse that “I am not photogenic”, “I need to lose 10 pounds”, “I Hate having my photos taken”  we have heard it all….. Our job is to take the most beautiful pictures you have ever had taken.  We will guide you through the process.  Show you how to pose for your specific body type, and bring out the beauty that is hidden in all of us.

We want to capture photographs that capture your beauty and your personality –  portraits that you will love. We will show you how beautiful you are right now. We want to reconnect with the woman you maybe haven’t seen for some time and be amazed by her again –  that gorgeous woman that you are.  You are perfect right now, just as you are – there has never been a more perfect time.

Choose to exist in photographs for yourself, for your children and for the people who love you. One day these photographs will be priceless. Your children will hold them dear and they will remember you as you are today and they will treasure them forever.  How do you dream of being photographed ? Let us plan your Dream shoot!

Behind the Lens

Natalie Viklund Owner of Elegant Images Shane Viklund Owner of Elegant Images

12 Random things about us:

  • We have 2 beautiful girls that occasionally indulge us in themed model shoots.
  • Shane used to be a Lumberjack in B.C.
  • Natalie used to be a helicopter pilot
  • We love to travel. Our favorite getaways are the Caribbean & Hawaii.
  • We live on a hobby farm and have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats, too many fish to count and 1 Tom Turkey!
  • We work together every day, and are still happily married after 25 years.
  • As Shane says, we don’t hike! We go on “Photo-adventures”. (Less heavy breathing)
  • We prefer flip-flops over real shoes. No matter what the season.
  • Shane is a closet “Bird-er”
  • Natalie sings in the car, with or without company in the passenger seat.
  • We meet for the first time when Shane was 14 and Natalie was 12. Where Natalie made her feelings abundantly clear and … threatened to beat him up! (nice girl)
  • Shane is also “Santa’s Official Photographer”!

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